Silk Chiffon
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Songs similar toSilk Chiffon by MUNA, Phoebe Bridgers


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Chinese SatellitePhoebe Bridgers3:37
Savage Good BoyJapanese Breakfast2:26
Pretty PicturesIndigo De Souza2:58
Almost (Sweet Music)Hozier3:37
Ruin My LifeZolita3:32
Loose GarmentMUNA3:10
BlondesPeach PRC3:00
Don't Delete The KissesWolf Alice4:35
Empathy - MUNA RemixLauren Aquilina, MUNA3:08
Cate’s BrotherMaisie Peters3:00
How Can I Make It Ok?Wolf Alice4:47
mona lisamxmtoon3:10
Kill Your Pain (with King Princess)Boyish, King Princess2:46
From EdenHozier4:43
Bullshit on the InternetSuki Waterhouse2:47
Stayaway - Now, Now RemixMUNA, Now, Now3:19
WEEKENDBetty Who3:33
found my friendsHayley Kiyoko3:34
Crystal ClearHayley Williams3:32
Anything But MeMUNA3:33
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You're So Fucking PrettyThe Regrettes3:49
Handle MeMUNA3:39
Judas KissLawrence Rothman, MUNA, The Turning4:29
DressCharlotte Sands2:23
Love Me MoreMitski3:32
Blame BrettThe Beaches2:57
ceilingsLizzy McAlpine3:02
Hold UIndigo De Souza4:16
Red Wine SupernovaChappell Roan3:12
We're In Loveboygenius, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus4:54
HOT TO GO!Chappell Roan3:04
This Love (Taylor’s Version)Taylor Swift4:10
ViciousSabrina Carpenter2:29
Forever DrunkPeach PRC3:10
Becky's So HotFLETCHER2:42
Sexy VillainRemi Wolf3:08
Mood RingLorde3:45
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain [feat. Phoebe Bridgers]Andrew Bird, Phoebe Bridgers4:09
True Blueboygenius, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus4:56
After MidnightChappell Roan3:24
Down SwingingHolly Humberstone2:56
Loved You BeforePeach PRC3:00
AmelieGracie Abrams4:19
SinnerThe Last Dinner Party2:56
Buzz Me InRemi Wolf2:46
The LouvreLorde4:31